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Hewlett Lawrence Soccer Club

Serving The Five Towns Since 1970

LIJSL Code of Conduct

1. Be positive, this is a VOLUNTEER activity for your child.

2. Remember – these are CHILDREN playing a GAME.

3. Please SUPPORT your child and their team, despite the outcome.

4. Refrain from instructing any players during the course of a game.

5. Set a GOOD EXAMPLE for your child and his/her teammates.

6. Refrain from commenting on the shortcomings of ANY player.

7. Support the coaching staff in their efforts to have a POSITIVE and ENJOYABLE experience for all.

8. Do not question or comment on any calls made by an OFFICIAL.

9. Discuss any concerns with your child’s coach privately, away from the game.

10. CHEER for good plays made by EITHER team.

11. I understand that abusive, unruly or other inappropriate behavior may result in my being asked to leave the field and upon further review may result in my membership being revoked.

12. I understand that misconduct/inappropriate behavior by the sidelines can result in my child’s coach being cautioned (yellow card) or removed (red card) by the referee which could result in substantial fines assessed to the coach/ club and/or the game in question being forfeited.

For the sake of all the children, please set a good example and encourage positive, appropriate behavior from your sidelines.

I am the legal guardian/parent of this player and by agreeing to this I am fully aware that I am registering my child for the upcoming Fall or Spring Season with this particular club who will assign my child to a team. I understand that as soon as I agree my child is registered even though the Fall Season begins in September and the Spring Season begins in March. If my child decides to change CLUBS, my child will be a Transfer Player that requires a 10 business day waiting period from the date all the proper paperwork is submitted for the new pass to be issued. If I am NOT the legal guardian/parent of this player I have no right to agree to this statement and face disciplinary action from LIJSL by illegally registering this player.

HLSC Travel Soccer Policies

Playing Time & Discipline

I understand that practices are mandatory and that missing practice and/or disruptive or bad behavior by my child may result in reduced playing time in games. I understand that coaches are responsible for parents behavior on the sidelines at games and that a child may be taken out of a game until the parent behavior is corrected.

48 Hour Rule

I will wait for 48 hours after a game to address any game issues or concerns with my coach.

Issues with your Coach

I will first bring any issues I have to my child's coach. If not satisfied, I will contact the Director of Coaching and/or VP for Travel. If necessary, the DOC or VP for Travel will bring the issue to the Board of Directors (BOD). The BOD may elect to form a disciplinary committee to resolve the matter.

50% Playing Time Guideline

HLSC believes that players will develop if given ample opportunity and playing time in games. Players should get at least 50% playing time over the course of a season. At the coaches discretion, playing time may vary from game to game. Our travel teams are ability based teams and coaches are instructed not to take players on their rosters that they are not prepared to put on the field in games.

Language and Behavior

I understand that the use of bad language at practices or games will result in reduced playing time or suspension from the team until such behavior changes. LIJSL has a zero tolerance policy for language and fighting and referees may issue red cards which will result in players being suspended for a minimum of one game.


I will support the club philosophy of Respect for Opponents, Officials, Team and Self.

Please review and discuss these rules with your children. HLSC follows US Youth Soccer and Positive Coaching Alliance best practices and philosophies of player development.