Hewlett Lawrence Soccer Club Travel Soccer Program

Each Spring and Summer , the Hewlett Lawrence Soccer Club hosts an open selection and evaluation of players interested in becoming part of a travel team. Travel teams are competitive ability based teams participating in the Long Island Junior Soccer League (LIJSL) and play against other community clubs. We field teams from Birth year 2005-2012. Teams train twice per week with a professional trainer, with the supervision and guidance of a Director of Coaching (DOC) and have a parent coached game on the weekend. Fall and Spring seasons are 8 games each.

Ongoing Trial/Open Training for Fall/Spring 2021/22 Season

For roster spot availability for older teams, please see contact info below.
Looking for boys and girls to add to existing Saturday and Sunday travel teams.
email info@hlsc.org 

As per USSF mandates all players will tryout on birth year (Not school grade).  
All players must make every effort attend both tryout dates.
Age Group
 Coach Contact 
U9 Boys 
Blue Raiders 
Paul Kelshaw  516-342-0760  
U9/10 Girls 
 Blue Lightning 
 Paul Kelshaw 516-342-0760
U10 Boys 
Blue Heat
Paul Kelshaw 516-342-0760
U11/12 Girls 
Blue Thunder
 Brian Goldstien 516-382-1276
U11 Boys 
 Blue Pirates 
 Jason Eliopoulous 732-500-7091
U12 Boys 
   Blue Arsenal 
Winslow Mentor 646-228-4038
 U13 Boys
Blue Gunners
 Sabino Vadaro 516-510-6999
U14 Boys 
Blue Badgers
Ronny Nagar 516-502-5816
 U15 Boys 
   Blue Hammers 
   Sabino Vadaro 516-510-6999
U16 Boys 
Blue Knights 
Chris Albanese 516-668-9640

Please register via the link at the top of the page.

The Hewlett-Lawrence Soccer Club requires players to play on age in accordance with the age brackets set by LIJSL. In rare circumstances, within the sole discretion of the Player Selection Committee, a player may be allowed to "play up" one age bracket. This may mean that a player will play on a team that has players from more than one grade on it. This also may mean that a player may be assigned to a team without consideration of where his or her classmates or friends may be assigned. The Club, however, recognizes the need to be flexible in assigning players to teams, especially for the younger ages, but the Player Selection Committee reserves the right to make all final placements. If we can not place you on a travel team you have the option to play in our Intramural program.

Boys Teams 
  • 2013 Blue Rangers (Saturday Team)
  • 2012 Blue Lions (Saturday Team)
  • 2011 Blue Pirates (Saturday Team)
  • 2010 Blue Arsenal (Saturday Team)
  • 2009 Blue Gunners (Saturday Team)
  • 2011-2009 Blue Eagles (Sunday Team
  • 2008 Blue Badgers (Sunday Team)
  • 2007 Blue Hammers (Saturday Team)
  • 2006 & 2005 Blue Knights (Sunday Team)
  • 2005 Blue United (Sunday Team)

Girls Teams
  • 2012 & 2013 Blue Lightning (Saturday Team
  • 2011 & 2010 Blue Thunder (Saturday Team)
  • 2011-2009 Blue Starlets (Sunday Team) 

The Travel Commitment

Although we encourage our players to participate in other sports, we insist that the commitment to soccer must come first. Players must attend all practices, games and tournaments. Players should also be aware that some coaches have mandatory winter practice policies and that some teams compete in various winter indoor tournaments and leagues and other tournaments throughout the year. Missed practices and poor behavior may result in a reduction in playing time in games. 

Please read our Code of Conduct here.

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